Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ok, there are not many paper crafts I don't enjoy! Here is a quilled card that I did awhile back. This week I made a similar one for my husband's grandmother's birthday (no photo of that one as I had to quickly get it in the mail). I don't do quilling as much as I used to. The single flowers go fairly fast but when you start to hook them together it can get a little more difficult. I am not very patient with glue! I think it is a very pretty effect, even if it does take a little more time.


  1. I am new to paper crafts period. Quilling is what got me interested in card making... after researching card making techniques, I stumbled on die cuts and scrapbooking... I had to run out and get me a cricut expressions machine... oh did I mention I had to buy the cuttlebug too for embossing???? WOW so many opportunities.... Your card is awesome!


  2. Love your quilling. I enjoy quilling also.


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