Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Embossing without an embossing folder

I had gotten a few questions about how I embossed my die cuts with out an embossing folder - hopefully the next few pictures will explain.

1. Make Template. Cut out 2 identical images in heavy cardstock (I used heavy Kraft paper). Glue the images together (I ran one thru my xyron). At this point you could use this 'template' to emboss by hand with a stylus and lightbox.

2. Make Die-Cut. Cut out another image (I used a heavy vellum) with the Sure Cuts A Lot 'Shadow' feature (I used #2). Basically the 'Shadow' feature will cut the image out slightly larger.

3. Place the die-cut on top of the template. I used a very small piece of painter's tape to keep the pieces together and in place.

Important - the template needs to be on the bottom and the die-cut on top!

4. Run through your Cuttlebug with 2 Spellbinder Embossing Mats.

Cuttlebug Sandwich -- B plate, A plate, template & die-cut (template on bottom), Spellbinder Embossing Mat, B plate

5. Done, your die-cut is now embossed.

Here is the finished pieces embossed and glued together to complete the 'Angel Wings.'


  1. Shelly, this is one of the best tuts I have seen for making our own embossing folders and for once I actually have everything that you used except for the embossing machine and I have been told on Scalhints that I can use my pasta machine. I have it out and ready to try, but life has been super busy lately and not letting me play like I want to.
    Welcome to Scalhints. You will really enjoy the group.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful tut.
    Big Hugs!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial.. Now I need either a pasta machine or the cuttlebug..

    Wishing you abundant blessings,

  3. This is so incredible. I want to try to do this for making small 2 x 2 square borders and for motifs

    Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial. I printed it out and keeping it with my other printed tutorials for my cuttlebug



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