Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Glass Etching

Here is a glass christmas ornament that I etched, using the Silverbells stencil. Sorry about the photograph - I tried several times to get a good photo.
While I had the etching cream out, I put my name on a glass baking pan. I am thinking this is pan will be good for those potluck dinners - that way I can get my pan back!!

If you are thinking about etching you own baking pan, make sure that you etch the back side of the dish away from the food. Remember that you will also have to 'mirror image' the words if you put the words on the back of the glass baking pan. The baking pan will be dishwasher safe and food safe.

For both of these projects I used cheap contact paper to make my stencils. I also found out that dry wall mesh tape is a really good substitute for transfer tape.


  1. These both look great! Great idea on the pan, I always loose several over the holidays, maybe I'll etch mine!

  2. The ornament turned out great! I've seen bits of paper put inside for confetti, it would be cute with that too.

  3. ohhhhh, very pretty ornament and great idea on the etching of your name on the dish!


  4. Love the ornament. I am going to try some as Christmas gifts. Great idea on the pan as they all look alike after a potluck. I will have to remember that idea when giving a casserole dish as a gift.


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