Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Bunny

Here is yet another take on the Easter bunny cards. Actually I have about 5-6 more bunny images, but I think that I will end the series of Easter Bunny Cards with this one.

I need to go back outside and get my fingers dirty in my garden!! We are expanding our vegetable garden this year - almost double the size. Last year I ran out of room for all the vegetables I wanted - and ended up planting watermelon next to my shrubs. By the end of summer the Watermelon almost overtook the shrubs (but did it ever taste good). So far I have planted most of my cold crops - cabbage, broccoli, onions, and lettuce. It is so nice outside, 70 degrees and my daffodils and pansy are in full bloom (simply gorgeous)! I hope that everyone takes the time to notice all the spring flowers - have a great weekend.


  1. Shelly, This is my favorite. Wish I had SCAL, but I have MTC. Great job and thanks for sharing especially for people like me who are new to SCAL or MTC. Thanks Shelly

  2. Love the bunny. I wish that it was that warm in ND. I miss the warm sunny days. From Texas, but live in ND cause dh is in AF. Good luck on your garden. I love to play in the dirt too.


  3. Love the bunny and am anxious to try the pens. I have the "other ones" from Staples and they are nicer than the big Cricut ones which are apt to smear. Think I'm going to have to try out these new ones. Hugs Carolyn


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