Friday, April 2, 2010

Canary's Capcake

I meet a fellow craft blogger (Bryanna Lenan - the canary's cupcake) the other day, and she gifted me with a box that looked like real cake! Honest to goodness it looked so good I wanted to eat it!! I hate to admit it but it looked better than any cake I could bake. I didn't take a photo of it - now I am thinking that I should have. The 'Frosting' was made from spackle. Run don't walk - and go check out her boxes!

Inside the box were a few bits of odds and ends. So I have been playing with the pieces and came up with a few cards. A little differant type of card than I have done in a while -- but the pieces were so fun to play with -- Thanks Bryanna!!


  1. ohhhhh so very pretty! Love what you did!

  2. really like all these cards... they are great!

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