Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Dad is 'Batman'

Guess what?
My Dad is ...BATMAN!


NO, my father is not Adam West! And no, my Dad is not really Batman!

But when I was in Kindergarten the Batman show was very popular. I remember watching the show one evening and my parents telling me that 'Dad was BATMAN'. I don't remember which one to blame, my dear Mother or dear Father, for telling me this 'Tall Tale.' But I do remember being very gullible and believing it! I didn't even think to question it! WOW, MY DAD WAS BATMAN! I remember going to school and telling all my friends, teachers - and bus driver. As you can imagine nobody believed me. I was in tears when nobody believed me. The teacher even told me that she didn't believe me! Well when I got home I was indeed going to straighten this out. I ask my parents again, was my dad really Batman? They said yes. Well, if they said yes it had to be true, and nobody was going to tell me differently! I don't know how long I believed it, -- but I did, I really did!

Yes, I was very gullible kid growing up. I believed that M&M only came in the color brown, because my Brother Matt was in charge of sharing the bag of M&M candy with me. I also believe my dearest Brother when he said he needed me to 'test' his bike ramp out - which consisted of a sheet of plywood and cynder blocks. He told me he needed to watch so that he could fix the ramp for later use. Yes, Yes, Yes I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

Well today is my BATMAN's Birthday! Happy Birthday Batman!


  1. Very nice card! And, your dad can be Batman if you want him to be. My sister use to tell me that I was adopted so much that I actually believed her. Finally, my mom showed me my birth certificate. What older siblings will do is amazing some times!

  2. OH, How i remember those days! Just have to laugh. We had a lot of fun teasing each other. Thank you for the memories.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I bet your were devastated to find out your father was also Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.. Maybe not, You were probably delighted he was nOT ONLY BATMAT, BUT ALL THOS CHARACTERS TOO!

    You made me smile!

  4. What a cute story and card. Brothers... Mine had me standing in front of the hockey goal so he could practice his slap shots.


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