Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding Invitations - I

I have been working on a few Wedding Invitations this week. My little brother is getting married this fall, and I volunteered to make the invitations. So for the next week I will be posting a different invitation each day - so drop back by to see all of the invitations!

Here is a very simple invitation with a 'fall' theme. The invitation is a 5x7 gate fold card with a red belly band. The outer layer is made from Kraft paper and the inner liner is a cream colored cardstock. I put a shimmery brown cardstock underneath the leaf cutouts to make them pop a little more.


  1. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing more. Have a blessed day :)

    Weddings With the Cricut

  2. This is very elegant, great colors and design!

  3. Lucky brother to have such a talented sister to do the invites for him and his wife to be.
    Very nice and can't wait to see what you do next.

  4. Love your invitations. Don't know if you want any opinions, but my favourite is the first one. I also love the second one, and a combination of number one and two would - in my opinion - be irresistible! You have great ideas and know how to turn them into wonderful cards. I always enjoy coming to your site to see what you've come up with this time. Thanks!

  5. Hi Shelly, Love all your invites but I think this one or the one with the string/eyelet enclosures are my favorites. Can't wait to hear which ones they liked the best! Good luck with making them!


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