Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Invitations - II

Here is the second invitation that I came up with. I was told to keep the invitations 'Simple' - so here is my take on a simple invitation. I was also told the colors are Red and Champagne and the theme was 'Fall.' This is a 5x7 invitation made from red and champagne cardstock. The falling leaves were designed in Inkscape and cut using the Sure Cuts A Lot program and my Cricut machine. I did use a shimmery brown paper under the leaf cutout to help define them more.


  1. Your concept of simple is lots more complicated than mine! Beautiful, though! Hope you don't have to cut hundreds of whichever design they pick.

  2. I like this, but prefer #1...
    #1 is more of a style I like...

  3. This one is beautiful. I like this one over 1 and 3. I wish I had my cricut when I got married. I can't wait to see the one they/you pick. TFS


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