Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding Invitations - VI

I am back with the final version of the Wedding Invitation Series (although it depends - maybe my brother and his fiance will not like any of them).

Here is the outside of the invitation. I simply put a leaf on one end of twine and glued the twine onto the invitation and wrap it around the invitation. I handed this to my Hubby and he handed it right back and said I don't even know where to start opening this one (he had trouble opening the last invitation). So I am now rethinking the string closures ... who knows how many others would have trouble opening them!

Here is the inside of the invitations. The invitation itself was so simple - that I got to thinking about adding a side pocket and putting the Reception information there. So I put the Reception and Rehersal Dinner information on 'Leaf' cards which could be put into the side pocket. At first cut the 'Leaf' cards out in different fall colors, but thought it looked too busy - so ended up with these.

I mailed all of these invitations out to my Brother and his Fiance this week - so it will be interesting to see which ones they liked and didn't like - or if I need to go back to the drawing board.


  1. Shelly, I think they are ALL amazing! I can't wait to see which ones they choose.

  2. Love all of your invites!!! This will be a tough decision for them. Question about the Cri Kit pens - how long do they last. If I wanted to do wedding invites using them (say about 100 of them) would I need to get multiple of the same color?

  3. I found your blog from the Criccutlovers yahoo group. These are really amazing. So creative! I am sure they will love them.

  4. My personal choice would be either version 4 or 5 and if I had to make a final choice then I would go with the 4th one. The embossing is lovely on that one and I am particularly keen on dry embossing at the moment.

    I can't wait to hear which one they went for.

    It is difficult to make plain/simple designs in my opinion, I had the same problem when making my niece's wedding stationery. What in my eyes was plain was too fancy for her!!!!

    This year I am making wedding stationery for a friend's granddaughter and she is the total opposite, she wants hearts, ribbon and bling and I have created exactly what she wants so quickly and easily using dry embossing, thank heavens for my Double Do XL machine which saves doing all the embossing by hand.

  5. wow they are all wonderful but I personally like the last one the best. The pocket on the inside is a great idea. If you were worried about people not knowing how to open the just add the twine and leaf on front for decoration as it looks effective and doesn't really need to be wrapped around the card does it? The card doesnt have to be tied close as i presume they will be put in envelopes to be posted out.

  6. Oh Shelly LOVE the cake card!!!! So adorable!!!!

  7. This wedding stationery is so cool. I guess the theme for this is fall.

  8. The wedding stationary is very beautiful. It is so cute!


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