Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Invitations - more options

My brother and his fiance have started to narrow the wedding invitations down from my last post. They choose the invitation that had the pocket with the leaf cutouts (see this post). The only issue is that they didn't care for the inside invitation - (no big deal!).

So I have been playing around with a couple more versions of the invitation. I went through some of my old sketch books looking for leaves, and came up with an oak leaf and cherry tree branch.

This 'red' cherry branch is the same sketched branch used in the above version. To come up this this red version of the cherry branch, I scanned in my sketch and used Inkscape to come up with a vector drawing. I then had a nice clean image that I could then import into Photoshop and color any shade I wish. The upside to this is I now have a cutfile of it - I am thinking that this would look great cut out in vinyl on a wall! Hmm, maybe add a bird and put it in my bathroom? As far as using it in an invitation, not sure if I like either version of the cherry branch. But who knows maybe the bride and groom will.

Here is an Oak leaf that I made when I was taking a Plant ID course back in college. I used to sketch out all my plants in order to memorize them, it was the only way I could attach a name to a 'face'.
Any way this is a very simple leaf sketch. Both invitations are using the same leaf, one is just larger than the other. The large upright leaf invitation is my favorite version so far.


  1. Shelly,
    I like the cherry blossom.

  2. WOW....that's a hard choice to choose..they are all gorgeous!!!


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