Thursday, June 17, 2010

CRI-Kits Embosser

I received a CRI-Kits Embosser in the mail this week. My two boys started a summer camp on Tuesday and Thursday, so had a couple boys free days to play and experiment.

I discovered a few things when playing around with the embosser and mat. First off, I definitely recommend the mat! I was hesitant about cutting with a blade on the embossing mat, I was thinking that it would tear up the mat -- but it didn't! I have cut many items out and the mats looks as good as when I first put it on. So you can both cut and emboss on this mat.

The embossing pen did a very good job on vellum! See the Mini Album below for some results. I put the vellum on the embossing mat, and placed the Cricut machine Speed on 3 and Pressure on 4. Every once in awhile the vellum would tear, but really not too often.

I haven't had a chance to try the metal out yet, but I will soon!

I tried embossing paper, and I was not impressed (nor was the paper). If you are wanting a crisp embossed line similar to what you get with a Cuttlebug folder, or hand embossing -- you will not achieve it! That being said, you can get faint embossing on paper. Below is an example of an embossed project - the white portion is vellum and the brown center is paper. The brown paper is a 2 sided paper from American Craft. I embossed the 'Family' on the paper by doing 2 passes. The first pass I put the Cricut machine Speed on 3 and Pressure on 4, the second pass I bumped up the Pressure to 5. The paper seemed to tear if I only tried one pass with Pressure on 5. I also tried the old dry embossing tip of rubbing wax paper over the paper first, no difference. Once I embossed the word 'Family,' I turned the paper over and sanded the brown paper surface off to show the white core. After sanding the image the words were legible - but any appearance of being raised (embossed) was sanded off! Next time I need text, I will simply use a CRI-Kits gel pen.

I started thinking I how disappointed I was in the paper embossing, and then it hit me --- I could still use this 'faint embossed line' as a way of scoring my cards and boxes! I have always hated those pesky little score cut lines that leave ugly marks on my boxes. This is even better than using the CRI-Kit pens to draw the score lines (see this post). I can now can cut and score my boxes with the Cricut machine all without having to use my ScorePal -- Whoo Hooo!!

Mini Album

Here is a Mini Album that I made using the CRI-Kits Embossing tool. I made the pages of this album out of mini album refills. The cover and back of the album are made out of cardboard (old cereal boxes). I cut the cover slightly larger that the refill pages and adhered some brown cardstock to both sides. I then used some ribbon on the cover to hide the ugly album rings.

By the way, can you tell I am too cheap to purchase a Bind-It-All?

The white portions on this album are velum that are embossed with the CRI-Kits embossing tool. I was pleased at how well the vellum embosses! If you click on the photos, you will get an enlarged photo and can see more detail.


  1. Shelly, you'r mini album is beautiful. I've been waiting to see how the embosser thingy worked. I too am disappointed that it didn't emboss well on paper. Sounds like you had a frustrating day testing everything out. I think your finished project was definately worth it. We'll stay tuned to see what else you come up with.

  2. Oh Shelly I LOVE that!!! I can't wait to get mine.....I wonder though....if perhaps spritzing the paper lightly with water BEFORE embossing might help???????

  3. love your album. It is very simple but extremely elegant.



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