Thursday, June 24, 2010

Metal Birthday Cake!

Hi - I have been having some fun playing with the Cricut and embossing metal with my CRI-Kits Embosser tool. I was amazed today, after I embossed this cake image I actually cut the metal with my cricut blade! I set the Cricut Pressure at 3 and Speed at 3 and Blade at 3 - no problems cutting thru the metal. I have yet to cut paper with the same blade, so I can't say if it dulled the blade or not. I think that I will just mark this blade somehow and reserve it for metal cutting.

I got my birthday cake image from a font that I purchased from If you are curious the font is called DB Love Pastries. I did have to clean up the image in Inkscape before using Sure Cuts A Lot. If you a wanting to know how to clean up a font, SusanBluerobot (lesson link) has some lessons for Inkscape users.

I used the sharp end of the embosser tool to get the crisp detail on this cake. After I embossed the cake, I used white spray paint on the cake portion!

I used some Glue Dots to adhere it to my card, and it is not going anywhere.

I just love how this card turned out!


  1. Oh WOW Shelly!!! That is SO DARN AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful card, Shelly. I love the embossing.

  3. this is awesome, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Your cards is very festive. TFS


  5. Great job. .It looks amazing.. As for marking the blade?? Just mark the part you put inside the housing with either a permanent marker or nailpolish :D

  6. Great card! The cake turned out fabulous. Really debating getting the embossing tool.
    Thanks for sharing.


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