Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Robot Cards

Here are a couple of 'Robot' cards. The robots are made from a dingbat font. I purchased the font from font called 'DB RobotFriends'.

To make the robots, I embossed some metal from, with their embosser tool. While making this card I discovered a few tips for working with metal. When you are working with the metal, it will tend to get crinkled and dented. Don't throw that crinkled metal out - you can smooth it out. Place the crinkled metal on a hard surface, take your Cricut bonefolder hold it horizontal and pull it across the metal. The metal will smooth out, as good as new! You can use a regular bone folder, but I found that the Cricut bonefolder is a more flexible and worked better than the traditional bonefolder.

On my second card, I made a 'Robot Dog' (too bad they didn't have a cat). I cut the dog out and then then spray paint him brown. I then took steel wool and scuffed up the surface to have some of the silver show up.


  1. These are absolutely adorable Shelly!

  2. LOL.....Oh Shelly these are FANTASTIC!!!! SO so cute!!!

  3. Shelly so neat...thanks for the tips on working with the metal!


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  5. I love all of your projects! I passed along 2 blog awards to you. You can get the buttons and instructions from my blog.


  6. This is sooo cute, thanks for sharing.


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