Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cubscout Flag

Whoo Hoo - I made a flag today - and it really wasn't difficult either! I made the flag out of a blue pillow case, some yellow fabric, and lots of Under Wonder.

To make the flag I placed some Under Wonder (dual sided interfacing) on the inside of the pillow case - just to stiffen the flag. I used an old broom handle for the pole. I sewed a seam along one side to make a pocket for the broom handle.

To make the Yellow images on the flag - I used Under Wonder and my Cricut Machine to cut out the images. To begin with, I applied some Under Wonder to some yellow fabric and then feed the fabric into my Cricut. The fabric I used is a thin cotton. The important thing to remember when cutting fabric is to start with a new very sticky mat - you may also want to use some painters tape along the sides to also hold the fabric in place! Also place the fabric onto the Cricut mat with the Under Wonder paper side up. The setting for your Cricut machine should be: Blade - 6, Pressure - High, Speed - Low. The font I used is from the Cricut cartridge Printing 101. The boycott image was cut out using the SCAL program - I have this image available for free in my 'shop.'


  1. Oh Holy Wow Shelly- That looks AWESOME my friend!!!! *Hugs*

  2. Wow...Amazing! I love it!
    my youngest is in Tigers and you know where I can get those images?
    pretty sure I'm going to be the scout mom volunteered for flag making..hehe
    thank you!

  3. This is great! Would you share the svg? ROsie

  4. Great flag! Can you please tell me where I can get Cub Scout SVG files? We are wanting to make all 4 rank flags for our pack.


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