Friday, September 10, 2010

My 'baby' started Kindergarten!

My 'Baby' Henry has started Kindergarten this year (sniff, sniff). Here is a photo of the first day of School. Actually both of my boys started school a couple weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to playing with the photos. I plan on scrapbooking the First Day photos this weekend - that is my goal anyway. It is extremely quiet around the house now. My Siamese cat 'Randy' misses the boys too, he has taken to following me around the house from room to room. Normally the cat is napping somewhere quiet - and those are hard to come by when the boys are home!

I have been too busy lately for any paper crafts. I have been re-painting the baseboards in my house - believe me, they have taken some abuse from my boys!! I still had marks on my door ways from the boy's Jolly Jumper when they were infants. I have to admit there was a slight impulse to just leave the marks as they brought back a few good memories. Oh my boys are getting big - and that is a good thing.

Fall Cards

I haven't posted anything in a while so, I went through some old photos and found these 2 fall cards. They are both hand embossed using some old brass stencils from Lasting Impressions. I really like them, but cutting that cake plate out by hand is a bit of a challenge - I have been spoiled with the Cricut machine! The font is actually my hand writing.

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