Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rosettes and Lace

I am really putting my Rosette cutfiles to work! I played with the rosette cutfile so that it would cut an entire page full at one time. I think that I had about twenty various rosettes on my desk at one time! After seeing all these rosettes piled up, I had the idea to use several on one card. I thought that the card was a little plain so I pulled out one of my card design that had a detailed 'lacey' background.

Here is the 'Lacey' card without any Rosettes on top.

To make the text 'Happy Birthday' I used the CRI-Kit gel pens in my Cricut. NOTE: When you do text with the gel pens - you will get the 'Outline' of the letters. I wanted the text to stand out more so I simply took the gel pens and filled in the insides of the text by hand.


  1. Shelly,
    I love the rosette card. All the details are super girl!

  2. These are great and exactly what I was looking for my friends's card, she won several rosettes at horse shows this year, but unfortunately not able to download now. Any chance you will be sharing them again Shelly?


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