Friday, October 1, 2010

Wolf Den Sign

I am still making items for my son's boyscout group. Here is a sign I made to put up outside of their meeting room. All the dens (tiger, wolf, bear and weebelo) meet at the same time at a church, so I wanted to post a sign so everyone knows where to go.

I had the sign laminated so they can use it for the next couple years (sorry for the sun glare). My next challenge is how to hang it. I am thinking a hole at the top and then using one of those 3-m hangers or even a suction cup hanger? Maybe I should see if I can find a large eyelet for the hole at the top to prevent tearing the sign. I may have to think about this one...


  1. This is great. My son is also a Wolf. How did you make the wolf head. I would love to make one of these for his group also?

  2. Great job! Next time you will have to try vinyl, then you won't have to laminate. They have some type of plastic sign board at the dollar store that would be a great base. I hope the boys appreciate your effort! It looks great and they will be the only troop with a sign like it!


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