Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Card Envelopes

I had a question on what kind of envelope do I use on my Christmas Scene Cards. I don't use a square envelope; the US Postal Service charges an extra 20 cents for a square card. I am too cheap, (or shall I say 'frugal') to spend the extra on postage. So I figured out how to fit a square card into a rectangular envelope!

I bought a box of 100 envelopes from Staples (link). The box of envelopes say 'Invitation Envelopes' and they are 5-3/4"x 8-3/4". My Christmas Cards are 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 so they should fit. To keep the cards from sliding around in the envelope - I simply glued an extra piece of cardstock into the envelope. Below is a picture of the extra piece of cardstock.

I cut my extra piece of cardstock from my scrap pile - it doesn't matter what color as nobody will see this paper! I cut my cardstock at 6"x 4.5." I then folded this half (and glued together), to add more bulk to the envelope. So the folded piece of cardstock should be 3"x 4.5".

I then put glue (I used my Glue Glider Pro gun) on both sides of the cardstock and slipped it into the envelope. I also made sure to put my folded edge so that it is next to the card.

Once the cardstock is securely in place, I used a hand punch and put some hearts on the envelope. The hand punch isn't necessary, but I thought it added an extra little extra touch. Hmm, too bad I don't have a punch that has a winter theme - like snowflakes. Maybe since I am saving all this money on postage, I can buy that new punch!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh VERY VERY clever girl!!!!!!!

  2. Shelly
    What a great idea. I have boxes of envelopes from a card shop that went out of business. Now they can be put to use.

  3. That's a great idea. I was thinking that you could also probably make a small tag and slip it into the spot where you are putting card stock and then your recipient would have a tag and a card.

  4. I believe I have a snow flake punch... remind me and I will give it to you when I see you!!! xoxo Bryanna

  5. Just a thought.... what if you punched the holes then added the card stock so that the color shows to the outside of the card???


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