Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas Cards for Food

I was watching 'The Talk' television show the other day. On the show, they started talking about a survey that was done - that said 1 in 7 families struggle to put food on the table. That statistic really stuck me. That is a lot a people! Maybe it is the Mother in me - but I just feel for any family in that kind of situation!! I can't imagine the pain it must be to not have enough food for your children.

I am reminded of the saying . . . 'To those whom much is given, much is expected." I am very blessed and I don't struggle for food. My children have plenty of food, clothes, and shelter -- let alone have to worry about buying upcoming Christmas presents. So I started to ask myself 'what can I do to help.'

At the time, I happened to be making Christmas Cards and the thought hit me. How about selling my Christmas Cards cutfiles and giving all the money to my local food bank? I could make all the donations right here from my comfy chair through my computer!

So here goes - ALL the money from these 2 cutfiles (Nativity Card and Santa Scene Card) will go to my local food bank!

In each download you will get an SVG, SCUT2, PNG as well as a PDF tutorial. The tutorials are in a PDF form and also contain the text that I put on my cards. These files will be for sale until December 25 and then I will take them down. Thanks!

PS. - to find a local food bank in your area go to:

EDIT: If you purchase the file thru Pay Pal, - once the transaction is complete, there will be a link that shows up towards the bottom of the screen. Click on that Link! It will take to And you should see the 4 files that you can download. At this point you can click on each file and download it.
If you somehow missed the link and can't find it ... just me email me! My email is listed just below my photo on the right. Sorry for any confusion - this is a first for me and a learning experience!


  1. Thank you so much for doing this. I love these cards and can't wait to make some! What a lovely way to make money for the foodbank.
    Off to buy the cut file. I will be using these for my special cards this year!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for offering the files.

  3. How wonderful! I am off to buy both. Thanks for your kindness!!!

  4. These files are gorgeous! Thanks for finding a way to share with the food bank - and with us!

  5. Thank you, Shelly! I love the files and that the profits are going to a food bank. You are very generous on both counts.

  6. Thanks Shelly, much appreciate you making these file available. PAYPAL note, only link that was there was: 'retrun to', which brought me to the BOX download page.

  7. Shelly,

    What a lovely thing to do!!! :) I hope you raise lots of money for the food bank!

    That is so generous of you! And it's generous of you to share your time and talent with us, too!

    Thank you so much,



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