Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Basket

After I had the basket with the blue angel sitting on my desk for a couple days, I got to thinking that these baskets would make good Teacher's gifts for Valentines Day! To make this basket more in line for Valentine's Day, I used pink, white, and red streamers at the bottom of the basket. I also used pink and white beads on the handle.

The Valentine clip art was a freebie from Dover Publications. If you sign up for their newsletter - they will include free clip art. This clip art was a timely freebie! EDIT: Click Here to find the free Valentine clipart from Dover!

See the tutorial below on how to make this Beaded Handle. I also made another version of this basket in a previous post...


  1. This is so sweet and the tutorial was well put together!! Amazing job on all of it!!

    Jackie (Elfy)

  2. Your box is so sweet...the only problem I had was it cut all the lines and I would have preferred to score the inner lines myself so I wouldn't have to scotch tape them together. Is there a fix for that? Thank you for sharing with us. I love making paper flowers more than anything. Smiles Carolyn


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