Friday, April 1, 2011

Paper Clay

I have been side tracked this past week with visitors and 'Paper Clay'! My parents came into town for a couple days. I showed my Mom all the Paper Clay items I was making. We ended up spending one day making paper clay birds! It was a fun visit - and way too short. Here is a photo of my Paper Clay bird. I made a glittered crown for him, and glued him on top a wooden candle stick.

Below are some Paper Clay items I made for Easter. I LOVE Easter! I have a big collection of various bunnies and chicks - guess that collection is growing. I made several different Easter items - my favorite is the Chick driving the Egg Car. I plan on trying to make a Bunny driving a Carrot Car next.


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  2. I love your paper clay projects! So whimsical!


  3. I bought everythig to do this, now I need to find the time! Your projects turned out great!


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