Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smiling Pumpkins!

Who can resist a Smile?  I know that I can't resist a big toothy grinning Pumpkin!  For the last 10-15 years every time I ran across this type of pumpkin, it ended up in my shopping cart.  I have all types of these pumpkins, last year I got so excited when I actually found a Night Light Smiling Pumpkin -- Whoo-Hoo, it was a rush!  It is almost embarrassing to get that excited over pumpkins but I am!

Here is my Dinning Room Buffet that I have decorated for Halloween.  And believe it or not this is not my full collection, I have more in the Living Room.  I am not sure of the total number as they seem to grow every year.  My boys love it when I pull out the big orange totes and start putting up the Halloween decorations.  My Hubby just rolls his eyes and says 'I think you have enough pumpkins.'

If I remember correctly this 'Witch in Pumpkin' the very first pumpkin that I ever bought.  I think that was when I was first married - aghh 17 years ago, seems so long ago!

This is my Living Room.  Last year at this time,  finally got my hubby to install bookcases on both sides of my fireplace!  I finally get to pull out ALL of my pumpkins - FUN!  Can you believe my Hubby actually told me I had too many pumpkins!

Can anyone have too many Pumpkins? Nope!  I think Hubby is forgetting about my rather large collection of Santas and Easter Bunnies.  Yeah - I get excited over Santas and Easter Bunnies too!!

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  1. the pumpkins are all gorgeous! Love how you place them, too.

  2. Your home is just GORGEOUS Shelly! Those bookcases are amazing!


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