Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wii play

My boys LOVE playing Wii!!  While playing Wii they become so engrossed they notice nothing else.  I was taking some photos of them and they didn't even know!  I keep reminding them to blink, LOL.

Anyway here is my latest layout showing my boys playing the Wii.   I made an SVG of the Wii Controller and Nunchuck.   After cutting the SVG out in black cardstock, I gave it a good coat of UTEE to make it all shiny.  I then used a black ribbon to look like a cord.

 On this layout,  I used a TON of various edges, borders, leaves, glittered flourishes, swirls, dots, hearts, and even a few small flowers.  The layout is more than a bit chaotic and I am not sure I like it - I keep telling myself it will be the November Calendar page and I only have 30 days to look at it.


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