Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Boxes

I have been busy working on a few treat boxes for Valentines Day.  I wanted to make a couple simple Valentine gifts to give out to my son's school and religion teachers.  I thought that I could put a brownie or some M&M candies into the boxes.  I put a brownie in the box - but it was a THIN brownie.  I wanted to get 2 boxes cut from one 12x12 sheet of paper, so the boxes are only .75 inches tall.

The Valentine Boxes open up like a 'Pizza' Box.  Here is a photo of one of the open boxes.

I designed 2 different windows for the Valentine boxes.  One window has a 'Heart'.  The other window has the word 'Love.'  I made the word 'Love' as a separate cutout.  In the photo above I cut the 'Love' word out in contrasting white paper and then adhered it onto the box.

I put this file into my shop for $.99 cents.  This file is only available in SVG,  SCUT2 and MTC files.


  1. I just bought the file, I was disappointed that the window was not on the box. yes, I can put it in but I was looking for easy or I would have designed it myself.

  2. Oh wait, I figures it out. sorry feel free to remove the first post, looks good know.

  3. These boxes are awesome Shelly!


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