Monday, May 28, 2012

Dry Embossing - old project

When I first started making cards - I was really into the 'Dry Embossing' technique.   I still love the look of Dry Embossing - and I have a ton of brass stencils to prove it.  A couple years ago, I had even joined a fun Dry Embossing Yahoo Group that exchanged cards.  Anyway, this week one of my Dry Embossing friends (Donna) had asked about an old project.  My friend Donna has made a similar version to mine and it is posted on the Lasting Impression Blog.   If you would like to see Donna's version of these cards you can Click Here.

This project was actually a birthday present made for my grandmother's 90th birthday!  This gift set consisted of a set of cards, envelope seals, shopping list, and some bookmarks.  I had found and decorated a tin lunch box to hold all the cards and extras.  Here is the lunch box with all the extras...

Here are the actual cards ,,,,


  1. I have to say that "your" flower template is nicer than the one I used and I was so disappointed when Lasting Impressions discontinued the one you used! However, it is what it is, and the set for your Grandmother is just lovely! Great job and please continue to dry emboss! Embossing joys, :-) Donna

  2. This is darling. I love the card design, the envelope seals, the bookmarks. The whole gift set is darling. Thanks for inspiring me.

  3. Cards Design is Very nice.looks very cute i like it so much...


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