Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crabapple Hill 's Vintage Trick or Treat Quilt

I started a Halloween Quilt!   It is 'Vintage Trick or Treat' by Crabapple Hill Designs.  I had seen a finished quilt in a quilt shop - and fell in love.  I have a collection of Halloween Trick or Treat buckets, and thought this quilt would make and great backdrop to display my many buckets.  If you would like to see part of my Halloween Bucket collection (Click Here).

The above is a photo of the finished project.  This should be an interesting project --- I don't like to do hand embroidery!  But I really (really) liked the finished quilt, so much so that I am willing to do the hand embroidery.  I thought if I start now I might be finished by next Halloween.

I actually started this project about a month ago and have a couple blocks finished.  The 'Cat' was the first block I completed.  Doing the hand embroidery hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  I have been taking this project along when I have to play chauffeur for my boys and wait for them  (speech therapy, religion classes, boycotts, etc.).  I am almost finished with the large center block,  - and it is supposed to rain today so I am hopping to finish today while watching a movie.

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