Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bath Salts - teacher gifts

I just finished making some teacher's gifts.  I made up a batch of Bath Salts and then packaged them up.  I put the salts into a 'coffee bag' that I purchased from Papertrey Inc.  I found a Christmas Teachers ornament and I tied that to the coffee bag of bath salts.  I made gift tag with a giant pencil.   The die cut pencil is made from an old Revolution Die.

The Bath Salts are very easy to make!!  If you are interested in making some yourself - simply mix Epson Salts (Walmart or Walgreens) and a few drops of food coloring and Lavender oil.

I also needed a few more gifts for my kids religion school teachers - but I ran out of coffee bags.  I ended up packaging some the Bath Salts into empty frapacino bottles.   I added a label to the front and top.  I then tied a bath scrubby to the top with some ribbon and lace.

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  1. I LOVE the idea of making bath salts and never knew that a recipe existed. How wonderful! I was a high school teacher for 33 years...that would had been a cool gift. Also, high school teachers rarely get gifts. The elementary teachers make out like bandits. I think your gifts are fabulous and so kind of you to make these for teachers.


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