Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Decorations

Easter is almost here and I have had my decoration up for a while now, but finally got around to taking a couple photos.   This is my buffet in my dining room.

Here are a couple close up photos.  I have a big collection of paper mach bunnies and a few chicks.  And like most bunnies they multiply in numbers.

This is the dinning room table.  On the table is a small quilt is made from a 'Bunny Hill - Rabbits Prefer Embroidery' pattern.  My mom made this quilt for me - thanks mom, I LOVE this quilt!  If you are familiar with this pattern, you may notice a few differences.  I substituted a few bunnies drawings of my own design.  I wanted the embroidered bunnies to look like a few paper mache ones in my collection.

This is a photo of my mantle in my living room.  I kept my mantle fairly simple, and just put a few of my larger bunnies.

If I remember correctly, this is the first easter bunny I purchased almost 17 years ago!  As you can see my bunny collection has grown (I haven't taken photos of my kitchen yet).

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