Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Shower - Thank You notes

I just finished making about 20 Thank You cards.  I will give them to the new mom at the baby shower.  I wanted the Thank You cards to match the Invitations that were sent out.  I used a Lasting Impressions Brass Stencil to make the stork image - so cute.  I was running out of 'weathered white' paper (my favorite paper from Lasting Impressions!).  I skimped on paper by cut out the stork's head.  I also used my Cuttlebug and cut out the purple ovals.  Then I simply doodled some frames around the ovals.


  1. These are really pretty!! What a great gift idea for the new mom!!

  2. Just adorable, Shelly! Very sweet. Thanks for the comment on my lame post about Dill Dip. :) I replied to your comment on the blog. I have not been motivated to blog at all for months. I just finished moving the guest room from one empty kid's bedroom to another empty kid's room, so that I can move my sewing room upstairs from the basement. That will be a big relief. The third bedroom is reserved for little granddaughters to sleep in when they come to Grammie's - you know, the princess room - the whole nine yards: tulle canopy, dressup clothes on pegs, pinkness. I was building the Farmhouse bed that I just blogged about, for the guest room, but now that our guests have been & gone, and I didn't get it done in time, I am making it for the Master bedroom - imagine - a real bed! I made an upholstered headboard long ago for our bed, but I am excited about this new bed. Glad to see you're still creating your beautiful paper things. (Loved the little papier mache stork, too - so cute!) Now, I'm off to see what else you've been up to. L


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