Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My little brother and his wife are having their first baby this fall, and I my family was giving them a baby shower.  I decided to make a paperclay Stork to help decorate for the Shower.  I got my inspiration from a friend's shower - (run don't walk over to her blog to take a look you will not be sorry, click here).  My Stork was almost 10 inches tall and simple to make.  I tried to make a top hat for the stork but it keep looking like a floppy beach hat  - so it soon lost the hat!

My youngest son (8 years old), started asking lots of questions about the upcoming Baby Shower.  He first wanted to know if his Uncle Seth and Aunt Erin had the baby already - no, not yet, but this fall.  Then he wanted to know if Aunt Erin was going to have the baby during the Shower - No, gosh I sure hope not!!  Kids sure have some good questions!

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