Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Decorations

I was busy this week putting away the Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations - and dragging out the Christmas boxes.  I thought I would take a couple photos of my buffet before I put it all away.  My decorations were pretty simple this year.

There is a close up of my buffet.  I made the 'Give Thanks' cornucopia appliqué a couple years ago.  If I remember correctly the cornucopia pattern is from Needle Love.  The pilgrim girl is a Bethany Lowe creation, I have had here for several years.  I have alway wanted a boy pilgrim to pair with her but I am not sure if there was one ever made.

Now to unpack all the Christmas boxes - way too many!


  1. Are you planning a Christmas silhouette this year, I loved last years :-)

    1. I haven't had the time to do a special christmas card this year. Usually I start designing those in july so I have time to make them all before thanksgiving. I got sidetracked this year by some quilt and embroidery projects.

    2. I know that feeling very well Shelly!! Happy Christmas to you.

  2. Shelly, Just stopped by to see what you were up to this Christmas season. It has taken me forever to get the house decorated for Christmas this year, not that I went all out or did anything elaborate. Just had lots of other projects that demanded my attention, so I did a little decorating here, and a little there, over a period of two weeks. I am dedicated, now, to simplifying and cleaning out Christmas decorations. I want to get it down to 3 tubs. I really would like to get it down to two, but I know in my heart of hearts that is an impossibility. I just sprinkled a little Christmas around the house in each room. It feels 'just right'. I gave away a tree & all the decorations that went with it - the purge felt good - & then my husband came home on Black Friday with a new tree, a Martha Stewart lifelike beauty he got for a song, that we had up and fully decorated, for a week & a half before the lights completely quit working. Sigh. I have baked 3 kinds of cookies, and finished all my shopping (haven't wrapped a thing, though), and am working on a necklace for my daughter, while trying to finish up a bed I built (from Anna White's Farmhouse bed plans:, and get my bedroom back together before we have guests for Christmas! Haven't developed my annual Christmas fever blister, brought on by stress every year, but it's probably just around the corner : ) Hope things are going well with you, and that you have a wonderful season of celebrating the Lord's coming to Earth, the first time! Stop by my completely ignored-by-me blog and leave a message if you have a chance.
    Love, Laura


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